The Facebook Timeline and You

26 01 2012

On Tuesday of this week Facebook announced that it will begin roll out of the new Facebook timeline will be coming to all users in the next few weeks. This means if you dont already have it, you will be converted to it automatically. See the story on Mashable. Some people have had the new timeline page since September when developers got a hold of it. A friend of mine had it then and I thought it was pretty cool when I saw his page back in October. Its incredible how Facebook has remembered just about everything you have ever done its site. Also a little frightening when it comes to privacy but you can opt what to show on your timeline too. It tracks back all the way till when you were born which for most little happened between birth and when you started using Facebook, just a line showing the connection.

I got timeline a couple of weeks ago. So far I like it. It takes getting used to reading your timeline from left to right on the page when your scrolling down but I love how detailed it is and its layout is pretty smooth. People have already started playing with on of its features, the timeline cover photo with cool pictures here.

Right now, timeline is only limited to user profiles. I havent seen any news on it being open to brand pages yet. So what does this mean for marketers? Social Media Examiner gives a great analysis on what to expect. Check it out here.

So what are your thoughts on the timeline?



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